Three Questions to Ask When you’re Depressed in the Morning

Call it morning depression. Call it just being groggy. Some of us have a harder time getting the day going.

Is this you?

Depending on how severe your morning depressed state is, it’s relatively easy to pop out of it. We’re not talking about major depression here. If you’re down in the mouth, gloomy, or somewhat listless in the morning hours, try out these three questions.

Don’t just think of them…

Answer them for real!

Better yet, write them down in a morning journal. Take five minutes. It’s worth the effort if it lifts your morning depression, right?

We can become so accustomed to our moods, positive and negative, that we subtly prefer to stick with them even though there are better alternatives. This is called being stuck in a rut. If we do it long enough, chronic self-sabotage is the only way to think of it. Don’t stay there, tempting as it is.

Three Questions to Ask (and Answer) when you’re Depressed in the Morning

1. What, specifically, am I feeling right now?

Label it. Is it sadness, discouragement, resentment, or fear? Give it a label and locate the specific place in your body where you feel it? Is the feeling in your belly, solar plexus, throat, or head?

2. Even though I feel this way, what am I grateful for right now? 

Write a list. Keep writing until you actually feel a feeling of gratitude.

3. What am I looking forward to today?

Find something. It could even be going to bed tonight. Doesn’t matter. Identify at least one thing you are genuinely (if mildly) enthusiastic about today.

And there you go. You’ll never know if these morning depression questions work unless you do the exercise of asking them, will you?