Three NLP Questions to Get you Unstuck

NLP questions can be the key to getting unstuck.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you need to know more about it before moving on, check out this post.

Otherwise, suffice it to say that asking the right questions when you’re stuck is an absolute must. Most of us ask questions like this:

  • Why me?
  • How can this happen?
  • What on earth?
  • Why is life so unfair?

Throw them out.

Instead, ask NLP-informed questions that are intentionally designed to get you unstuck. I know, there may be part of you that doesn’t want to get unstuck – a part of you who wants to give up, give in and embrace failure.

That’s ok. Don’t fight this part of you. Ask the following NLP question anyway.

NLP Question #1

The question: Where in my body do I feel stuck?

How’s that for a question to make you slow down? Where do you feel it? In your head, throat, chest, solar plexus, or belly? Where, specifically?

NLP Question #2

The question: What do I call this feeling?

Label it. Is it fear, sadness, discouragement, or frustration? It could be so many things, right? Labeling your feelings puts them in perspective. It’s critical to knowing which of your inner resources to apply

How can you know what to do when you aren’t clear on what you’re feeling?

NLP Question #3

The question: Which of my resources do I need the most right now?

In NLP, resources are the positive qualities, experiences, and inner strength that you have. When you’re stuck, chances are very high that you are not actively drawing upon those qualities.

Asking yourself which resource you need the most will help single one out as a priority. The word courage, or compassion, or patience may come to mind. Accept the answer and begin to wonder how applying this resource to your situation might look.

An additional resource:

Keep in mind that the tendency to suppress positive feelings is a key obstacle to feeling empowered (good). If you label your negative feeling and begin to find a resource, you need to let that resource out.

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