When You Don’t Want to Write

Writing stories and jotting down ideas are great fun. It’s like a spark of energy coursing through your body and you can’t wait to write. It’s a thrill to experience the creative juices bubbling up with ideas. You write ideas on little notes, on your computer, and speak into your phone while you are on […]

slept like shit

I slept like shit…

You ever have one of those nights where you can’t fucking get any sleep? Fuck! It’s like your body is beat to shit and wants to either sleep or die, but your mind is there going, “Not so fast, mother fucker! We got shit to think about!” You have about as much control over yourself […]

what do people want

What do people really want?

I wrote a post on PsychCentral, inspired by a Wolfgang Blau speech at Yoastcon 2019. The post expressed how impressed I was that Blau understood that ideas catch on the touch society’s (often unacknowledged) longings. Who cares if I am impressed? (Just had to say that). Anyway, Steve Jobs said: Some people say, “Give the […]

life spirits bad day

20 Ideas to Lift your Spirits on a Bad Day

You’re not above having a bad day, are you? Neither am I. The problem is when a bad day feels like a bad life. Any number of things can get us down. Kids not cooperating. A package didn’t come. Your spouse is doing that annoying thing again. And then there are the huge disappointments. Forget […]